Calico Goodrich is a true renaissance woman, who has spent almost her entire life making ill-advised decisions, yet somehow everything seems to be working out. She has chosen dance in general, and lindy hop in particular, as her spiritual path, and has taken the ballroom as her church.

She has a B.A. in Romance Lingustics, which allows her to win every grammar argument on the internet. At parties she gets drunk and diagrams sentences.

Her dance credentials include 3 years of intensive modern and ballet at the University of Washington, and current bi-weekly classes at the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company. She has 12 glorious years of lindy hop experience and almost as many years of the misunderstood art of slow dancing. She has been a serious student of Guinean traditional music and dancing for 3 years, travelling to West Africa twice to study with performers from Les Ballets Africains (the national dance company of the Republic of Guinea). She has been validated by her peers in the form of unsolicited compliments and the occasional lindy hop competition win.

In 2013, she parlayed her linguistics degree and her unhealthy fascination with the internet into a career in web development, which she perversely finds extremely enjoyable and satisfying.

She prefers cold weather but not does like to be cold.

She is a fan of beverages.