Editing, Proofreading and Copywriting

Is there a tedious, word-oriented task you dread, such as proofreading promotional materials, creating copy for your website or writing class descriptions? You know it needs to be done, so hire me to do it. Then you can expend your energy on the things you really enjoy (teaching classes, playing music, doing art!). Do you need constructive feedback on a writing project? Are you feeling insecure about your syntax? Do you need someone to look for typos?

Here are just some of the things I will edit, proofread or in some cases write for you:

  • Essays and blog posts
  • Books
  • Website content
  • Dance teacher bios
  • Delicate work emails
  • Texts to crushes

I have a degree in linguistics, I am not judgey and I know where apostrophes go. $1/word. Interesting trades considered.


"Calico is a fabulous editor. She is wicked smart, creative and returns work in a timely manner. Her kindness and sense of humor make her a great brainstorming partner and ensures her feedback is easy to hear. She has a great attention to detail and gives excellent feedback."
Megan Taylor Morrison, business and executive coach, author of Life Beyond Should
"Calico is a delight to work with. She is smart, communicative and creative. Over the years she has helped me proofread my business website, important client emails, and refine my company slogan. I can not recommend her services enough. Whenever I have a writing block, I call Calico and with humor and intelligence she is always able to help me complete my project."
Claudia Nobauer, Owner/Operator at Yoga Spirit and Wellness
"Calico is intelligent, understanding, and witty; she's got a great eye for detail and for the big picture as well. She has helped me with my writing more times than I can remember."
Solomon Douglas, musician and bandleader